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The LA Adventure, Pt 2

The LA Adventure, Pt 2

Alright, part two. Let's kick it.

Saturday morning. Hiking was on the agenda. Not going to lie, Friday night at Clifton's was hilariously fun, but it didn't set us up nicely for the early, action-packed morning we had planned. Nonetheless, we rallied ... just an hour or so behind schedule :) We hopped into the car, fueled up on coffee, and headed to Santa Monica to hike the Los Liones Trail at Topangka State Park. 

iced americano from verve; give me life.

iced americano from verve; give me life.

We set out on the trail. One foot in front of the other.

We made it! Obligatory celebration pic at the top ... clearly, we're cheesin'. 


The views! Simply gorg. 


We headed back down. We're feelin' good at this point. We just hiked a mountain, got a lil sweaty, and - poof - kissed goodbye that Friday night at Clifton's. What was our next move? Brunchin' in Malibu, of course! 

Saturday afternoon. Let me just say ...  I love Malibu. Who wouldn't? The extravagant houses up on the hills, the gorgeous ocean views, people boppin' about and carrying surf boards. I love it. It almost feels like these people live a fantasy life. 

We had brunch at this adorable restaurant called Malibu Farm. The menu was full of fresh and healthy dishes - tons of veggies, tons of fruits. Just good, quality eats. And the view ... it was insane. The restaurant was located on Malibu pier right off of the Pacific Coast Highway, overlooking the water. 


The Malibu Farm restaurant was located at the base of the pier. If you continued to walk down the full length of the pier, there was another teeny tiny cafe all the way at the end. 


After enjoying our deeee-lish Malibu brunch, we hung out on the pier for a bit and enjoyed the ocean views before heading back to Jeep's apt. 

Saturday Night. My lanta ... where do I begin? Well, we were set to start the night by heading to Hollywood Blvd to see the walk of stars. Accomplished! A couple blocks off of Hollywood Blvd there is this 70's themed bar called Davey Wayne's.

The door that leads you upstairs to the bar is masked to look like a refrigerator. See... 


Then you open it, and POW - a lil Gio pops out. Ha. 


Once you head upstairs, the bar ambiance is full on 70's themed. Wacky. Like we were in a legit 70's living room, sipping some drinks on an old school, retro couch. The music was even on par to that of a 70's house-party. Crocodile rock will forever be stuck in my head and remind me of a good time at Davey Wayne's. 

From there, it was BBQ time. Korean BBQ. Ay-Do-NO to be exact.

the chefs hard at work. 

the chefs hard at work. 

We roasted, toasted and BBQ'ed away [slightly different from the usual beezy veggie R&T] ... delicious. 

From THERE - phew, are you tired yet - the night kept on going. We headed to Black, a bar in Hollywood. Dancing. Yes, dancing was on the agenda, and Black was recommended as a bar that could fulfill our request. 

We walked in, and it's jam packed. A bar to the left, a dance floor to the right, and a huge patio in the back. issa vibe was was blasting at one point. [emoji hand praises]. The LA "style" was apparent here. You know, casual, but chic and sleek at the same time. It's personal; expressive. Everyone is kinda doing their own thing. If I recall correctly, there was a girl ordering a drink at the bar dressed in pajamas and chunky velour wedges. yungsleeps. 

We bee bopped into the night. It was a bbb-blast. 

Sunday morning. Our last day. We had brunch at a local cafe called LuLu. The brekki eats hit the spot! Laura's bf Gio joined us for brunchie and the giggles were real. What a jokester. We were coming to the end of a jam-packed weekend, feeling slightly sleep deprived, and the weirdness meter was at a level 9-10. First we saw a man running through the streets - no shirt, punching his fists, and wearing boxing gloves ... like in FULL ON rocky mode. What? Then we saw this kid crusin' the sidewalks on a makeshift hoverboard. I can't explain it. And, all Dusty J and Gio could talk about was their love for Logic and his song 1-800-273-8255. What can I say? It's Sunday in LA ... like, issa vibe. 

Sunday night: Our flight departed at 5:25pm. The snoozies were real. We had accomplished SO much in our short time in LA. The weekend felt like a whirlwind. SO FUN.

Off we went, ready to get home and back for some real sleep in our own beds. 

Laura. Gio. ---> Thanks for the hospitality. No new friends needed. But, please, still call us at 2PM when you're heading to The Bean. Dusty J and BK will gladly meet you :) 

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