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Healthy Haikus

Healthy Haikus

It all started with a few Planners taking a trip to Creative Mornings, a brekki lecture series intended to inspire with quick creative chats given by fellow advertising folks. Innocent, right? WRONG. 

The first lecturer, Bruno Pieroni, talked about developing creative under constraints. It makes for more impactful, powerful work he argued. Right on. At the end of his presentation he noted that each and every one of his slides was written in a haiku. Unexpected, yet awesome! He also briefly told us about a project that he self-created. While on a trip to Japan he dared himself to write 2 haikus everyday to creatively describe the events that took place. Then, at the end of his journey, he merged those haikus with photographs he took along the way. He published this work in a book [Admit it Japan, You love when a foreigner struggles with chopsticks]. The TITLE is even a haiku. Sir ... you are amazing. 

Now, back the agency, we were laughing, jokin' ...  you know, having a good ole Friday afternoon. We began recapping the events of the morning. I didn't notice his entire presentation was written in haiku! How awesome! I exclaimed. Hmm, what if I wrote an entire blog post ALL in a haiku? 

Game on.

... and Healthy Haikus was born...

I can't take credit for these wondrous works of art below. It was a team effort. In fact, if you ask, my cowerkers will share my extreme struggz in both writing and remembering the rules for how to craft a haiku. Ah, guys ... what would I do with you?! 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy our short series of health-inspired haikus. Lots of giggles were shared. Friyay at it's finest. 

Ode to Biking

I toot toot, beep beep 

When White Lightning's on the street

Get out of my way


Problems with your butt?

This fermented fizzy drink

is good for your gut!

Ode to Sushi

Sushi is so good

I eat it with wasabi

But it burns my mouth


Busy day at work

Want to crawl under my desk

Wish I was asleep 

And lastly, this is us at the Bean. Apologies for the poor vid quality. Like I said before, I'm no pro vlogger!

We walked back to the agency after the Creative Mornings presentation. We passed Millennium Park and my cowerkers humored me with a boomerang at the Bean. I've lived in Chicago for almost 6 years now. Ha. Tourist thangs will never get old for this gal. 

Thanks for making my Friyay great and grand :) 

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