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Back to the Basics: Whole30 Round TWO!

Back to the Basics: Whole30 Round TWO!

For a few weeks I hummed, I hawed. Should I do a repeat Whole30? No, it's been a while. SO long, in fact. Over a year, right?! Ugh, do I even remember the rules? And, I really, really like Splenda in my coffee [lol]. Meh, I'm not even sure I can do it again... 

Enough. Put those hesitations aside, lil beezy. No more questioning, no more overthinking... just put your mind to it and let's do it. January 1. Commit to the date. Yep, Whole30 round 2. Let's kick it! 


If you're not familiar, the Whole30 is a 30-day clean-eating plan designed to clean up your eating habits by cutting out foods that might be causing inflammation with the body and negatively impacting your health [dairy, sugar, grains, legumes, and alcohol]. Here are the official rules if you're curious. 

I did my first Whole30 in May of 2016. Phew! Throwback. That was a long, long time ago. In fact I had to scroll through my Instagram feed [and take lil trip down memory lane] to find the exact date. It was May 17th. Yes, that was day 1. And, my first @Whollybeezus IG post. It was a declaration to commit to 30 days of healthy, wholesome eating. No junk. No processed products. Buh bai dairy, buh bai delicious bread, buh bai party-poppin' alcohol [yes, RIP vodka sodas] ... but the saddest of all ... buh bai my sweet, sweet suga-suga! 

At that time I saw it as a test. A personal challenge, perhaps. My diet wasn't horrible, but could I adhere to this new way of eating for 30 days? I did a lot of reading and researching. People raved about the Whole30. Over and over again people expressed the various benefits they experienced. The mental clarity. The physical energy. It's miraculous just how good your body can feel when you strip away the processed junk and fuel it with lean meats, healthy fats, hearty veggies and nutritious fruits. 


I was determined to give it a go. I had nothing to lose. And, in an effort to make it more fun, I decided to document the entire process via a separate IG handle dedicated to my 30 day "health experiment". That was the beginning of Whollybeezus. And woah, WOAH, I never expected it to continue for this long.

Sure, I've definitely strayed from the strict Whole30 life. It's not meant to be a 'forever', but rather a means of teaching healthy habits you can adopt into your everyday life. I learned a LOT during those 30 days. Veggie choppin', meal preppin'?! Can we cook with the crockpot?! YES, please. And I've come to realize that certain foods do actually make me feel sluggish and tired. 

I've made it an effort to engrain those healthy habits into my every day life now. I've also discovered a number of healthy "hacks" - for lack of better words. This ranges from new, healthy products I've discovered along the way [my grocery store sneakin'!], or just new ways of creating meals with a heightened focus on incorporating more veggies, lean means, & healthy fats. The good stuff! I guess you could say the process made me more health-conscious and aware of what I was putting into my body and how that made me feel. 

A nice lil gift I received for Christmas :) The New Health Rules [Frank Lipman, M.D. & Danielle Claro]. Many, many similarities found in here that compliment the Whole30 mantra. 

A nice lil gift I received for Christmas :) The New Health Rules [Frank Lipman, M.D. & Danielle Claro]. Many, many similarities found in here that compliment the Whole30 mantra. 

So, it only feels right and natural to bring it back to the roots of Whollybeezus. The basics. Whole30 rounds 2. Yes, yes it's wayyy overdue. 


I've been reading and researching again in preparation for the quickly approaching January 1 kick-off date. A lil re-fresher never hurts!

Throughout all of the articles that I've read, the one tip that sticks with me is ... Keep it simple. Meal prep is your friend and there's no shame in a lil routine. I couldn't agree more.

What's my game plan? Well, Sunday will be my prep day [per usual]. First and foremost, the crock will be rockin' [usually chicken breasts with a Whole30 compliant salsa].

I will prep all of my lunches for the week ahead using the crockpot chicken as the protein base. I will chop tons of veggies [broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, bell peppers, onions, sweet pots... the list goes on and on]. I'll roast one sheet pan of veggies [usually coconut-cinnamon cauliflower] and maybe some sweet pots. I'll divide those roasted veggies into the 5 containers with the chicken for my lunches. I will then leave the rest of the chopped veggies in containers to hang in the fridge so when I get home from work I can easily drop them on a sheet pan, add a lil coconut oil [or ghee!], some seasoning, and roast up for a quick dinner.

During my first Whole30 a lot of my dinners looked like some variation of a buddha bowl [building a buddha bowl]. In a bowl add a base of mixed greens, a protein, some healthy fats, and a whole bunch of roasted veggies. It's delicious. I'll most likely keep this going the second time around. 


And for brekki? Eggs. I will cook two over-easy eggs and plate it on a bed of mixed greens. This should keep me full and satisfied until lunch. 


And snacks? Oo ditty, this bitty gets hungry. Nuts [almonds, cashews], veggies [carrot sticks, chopped bell peppers, cucumbers], and bars [larabars or Rxbars]. I try to stay away from snacks that incorporate a lot of nut butters [they are Whole30 compliant], but I find them too easy to over-indulge on. You do you! Everyone has different preferences. 


And that's that. Simple, delicious, wholesome eats.  

I'm going to keep my workouts the same. A lil Flywheel spinnin', uh huh. And, I bought a 5-pack at Barry's Bootcamp so I can go about once a week to keep things jazzy. 

What am I hoping to achieve with this Whole30? Good question. Well, for starters, I want to detox my body from the ga-ZILLION christmas cookies I've consumed over the past few weeks. Just jokes. #notreally. Ha. But in all seriousness, I want to challenge myself to take it back to the basics [hence the title of this post]. Reground my mind in making those healthy choices and eat simply. Find the food that just makes me feel good, energized and balanced. My body and mind felt SO healthy and refreshed during the first Whole30, so I'm looking forward to that feeling again. And sure, my reasoning might be slightly cliche, especially at this time of the year when everyone is making resolutions to eat better, workout, blah blah blah... but, hey, no shame in my game! There's no better time to set your sights on a goal, work through the challenging 'ish, and celebrate your successes [big or small!]. 

Wish me luck. Updates to come! 

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