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Biking Beezus... She's on a ROLL.

Biking Beezus... She's on a ROLL.

I know, I'm so punny. Humor me, okay?!

I recently adopted two new 'toys' - for lack of better words - into my life. My fun factor has increased exponentially! I must say, independently, each new ditty adds so much joy to each and every day. Better yet, when I combine the two, I'm straight cheesin'! 


The first toy: a beautiful bike bestowed with a regal name. Ah, White Lightning you are a GEM! Now, I've been a cyclist for some time now. A stationary cyclist. Yes, you've got it right - day in and day out, I peddle my face off while riding a bike that goes nowhere. In a dark stadium. With lots of other sweaty people. It's a blast. And I'm not being facetious. If you haven't tried it, I suggest you do! I wholeheartedly intend on writing a Flywheel post in the near future. I just need to organize my thoughts - ah, so many feels for my Flyfam. 

Anyways, back to White Lightning. In past years I've always had the itch to get a bike when spring rolls around. You know, it's that time of the year when people emerge from their winter hibernation, daylight lingers a lil longer and everyone seems to have this sudden urge to do every and anything outside. The temps are still questionable, but Chicago peeps persist - scantily clad, wearing flip flops, shorts, bro tanks (I'm looking at you, LP bro squads). And while every year I've had the urge to get a bike, I'm ultimately dissuaded. Riding on Chicago streets can be scary. No, it IS scary. I even tested my luck with Divvy bikes, but those things are heavy and have to be docked every 30 minutes. Ain't nobody got time for that! Well, this year was going to be different. Boppin' Beezy needed a bike of her own. 

So on March 18th, my gem arrived by mail-carrier; perfectly assembled and looking as BEE-autiful as can be. And by 'mail-carrier' I mean my brother and his girlfriend- claps and snaps - you guys will forever and always be the White Lightning stork! We tested her out in my building's parking garage. Toot toot, beep beep, her brakes were quite squeaky, but it was love at first ride. 

...Now, let's pause, and turn our attention to my second toy. I promise the stories will coincide at the end! 

The second toy: cute lil sunnies with a camera inside. Yes indeed, I snagged myself a pair of Snapchat spectacles! Now, if you're not familiar with specs, let me tell you that these are not your ordinary sunglasses. oh no. And, if you like - erm, LOVE - Snapchat like I do, these lil ditties will really up your game. 

Spectacles enable you to take a quick, :10 second video, handsfree, by pressing a little button above the left eye. The videos can then be transferred directly to your Snapchat app via bluetooth. The glasses were first released via a bright yellow, mobile vending machine called a "Snapbot". It would randomly emerge in US cities. It was bizarre, I admit. But genius on Snap's behalf. It created hype and demand over this product that no one even truly understood, and left Snapchat enthusiasts eagerly awaiting for the next Snapbot location. I waited, and waited, and crossed all my fingers and toes, hoping that the bot would land in Chicago. I told my coworkers that if this day ever arrived, I would sudden fall 'deathly ill' and need to 'rush home'. They understood. That day never came. But, the specs were released online. Of course, this gal snagged a pair. I waited two weeks for my specs. It was torturous. And when I got the notification that the shipment arrived, I BEE-lined it home. 

I've always loved the creative element of making Snapchat stories - adding music, doodles, emojis, clever captions, etc. Now, the specs really UP-ed my game! Maybe I'm a geek, a kook, whatever you want to call it, but the specs provide endless hours of fun. I brainstormed, hmmmm, what could I do with my new specs? 

Then I had this idea. [ahhh HA]. And BEEZUZ, it was an idea. Go ride your bike wearing the specs. Done!  

The adventures of biking beezus began. I buckled my helmet, clipped my backpack tight, and threw on my specs. White Lightning and I eagerly zoom, zoomed onto Chicago's lakeshore trail.

What did we see? Amongst many, many things, the highlight was a dog in a packback! Look at him. Just chilling. Catching some rays. 

Toot toot, beep beep. Stay tuned for the many adventures that lay ahead! We'll be cruisin' all summer long with the specs in tow!

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