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the buzz on brekki

the buzz on brekki

It's the age old debate... to eat breakfast or not to eat breakfast? Ah, that IS the question.

My first thought: throw on my little researcher hat, geek-out over some pro-brekki stats, and drop some mambo-jambo into this post detailing all the benefits of being a breakfast enthusiast. But, on second thought, this is not a drab white-paper, it's a beezy-blog. We keep it light. We keep it fun. We keep it snazzy-jazzy. So, let me pose a simple question:

Do you want to be a champ today? 'nuff said. eat your brekki

And, if you need more motivation, I have some handy-dandy, easy-peasy recipes to share. Just keep on readin'! 

Now, I'm a morning gal. Not by nature, but by practice. On a good day, I get up around 5AM-ish, drink some coffee, get dressed, spin, [maybe grocery shop], come home, shower, eat breakfast and head to work. It's a great routine. But with any 'routine' it took a while to nail down and by no means is it perfect every week. Life gets busy - I'm a bee that buzzes, duh - but, having this organization to my morning keeps me balanced and sane [#calmthecray]. And because I jam a lot into these wee-morning hours, brekki is essential. Why?

1.) I'm hangry [spin class is WERK]

 2.) My brain & bod need fuel to continue movin' and groovin' throughout the morning

So vroom, vroom let me share how I fuel up. And, to organize my brain chaos, let's organize the brekki ideas by the 'base' food: oatmeal vs. eggs. I call them 'base' foods because you can essentially take either of these foods and build on variations to keep them fresh, fun and eliminate the bore. 


What's my go-to recipe? 'Overnight Oats'

Mix all ingredients (below) together in a bowl, place in the refrigeration and let sit overnight. In the morning, stir, pop into the microwave for :30-:45 seconds, and boom, pow - you're good to go! 

How do I jazz it up? Nut bars and spices

I love to add a little crunch with a chopped up nut bar. A couple of my favorite brands include: (Larabar, RXbar, Simple Squares). And, to get even more specific, I recommend these bomb.com flavors: the lemon or blueberry  Larabar, the Maple Sea Salt RXbar, and the Cinnaclove Simple Squares. I also love grainless granola (Purely Elizabeth), but it can get a tad pricey, so I keep that to special sale-week purchases. Also, you can add variety by mixing up the spices. I will sometimes throw in nutmeg, apple pie spice or even pumpkin pie spice!


*Ashwagandha, ah, nature's brain food. This little ditty has numerous benefits for your overall health and wellness - combats fatigue, stress, lack of energy, and difficulty concentrating. 

**Collagen peptides, a fab little protein that promotes glowing skin, healthy hair, skin & nails, AND supports the health of joints and bones. 

***Beezy is NOT a doctor. Puhlease. I work in advertising, lol. My knowledge about these products is based on my own research and personal experience. So, take a peep around online and do some digging for yourself to see if these may be right for you! 

BASE: EGGS (W30 friendly - bonus!) 

What's my go-to recipe? 'Over-easy with greens'

Heat skillet, add coconut oil. Meanwhile, add greens (baby spinach, kale, mixed greens, etc.) to a separate bowl.

Once skillet is heated, crack in two eggs and cook until the whites are firm and yolks begin to thicken slightly. Add salt and pepper! Do a quick flip, then slide eggs on baby greens and enjoy! 

How do I jazz it up? The possibilities are endless! 

  • Add cinnamon to the eggs while cooking
  • Add avocado to the finished dish
  • Add salsa (TJs Salsa Verde)
  • Sauté or roast veggies as a substitute for the baby greens base (TJs Healthy 8
  • Instead of cooking as 'over-easy', break whole egg into a separate bowl and add egg whites. Mix together, then place into a hot skillet and cook omelet style 

Well, I hope this supplied some quick, simple and tasty breakfast inspiration. And let's end the debate once and for all. Eat that brekki, champ!  

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Biking Beezus... She's on a ROLL.