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Oo you've got that FLY feelin'

Oo you've got that FLY feelin'

“It’s amazing how far you can go, riding a bike that goes nowhere.”

An instructor once said that during class. It has stuck with me because it's so true. While I’m not the kind of gal who gets super emotional over her workouts; I have been spinning consistently for almost two years now at Flywheel. And to be honest, for me to state that spinning has ignited some sort of emotional epiphany would be a lie, BUT there must be some sort of magic in that Fly stadium that has kept me coming back. 

Ever since I started this blog, I KNEW a Flywheel post had to be crafted. It was basically the first item added to my content calendar, ok?! Jokes aside, I just needed to take some time to ponder my thoughts, and give credit where credit is due! Fly is apart of almost each and every one of my days. I spend a lot of time spinning, sweating and music-jamming all in the dark. Fly is glorious. And now that my thoughts are organized, this Fly lil bee is going to share her Fly feels. 

1. It is the staple of how I start my day. [I wake up. I drink a lot of coffee. I Fly.] I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2. It fuels a take-charge-conquer-the-rest-of-your-day attitude. Whether it’s a manic Monday or a fabulous Friyay, an AM Fly spin gets my mind right for the day.

3. s-w-e-a-t. I’m a sweaty mess after class, always. No shame. It's a stamp of accomplishment. 

4. The instructors are literally bomb.com trainers… and just all around good people. In the stadium they encourage and push you through a workout, but they’re also all incredibly kind souls who take the time to talk, joke and get to know you. 

5. The music is my jam. Pun intended. As I like to say, gimme the beats that move my feet-s. This is never lacking at Fly. The instructors curate the playlists to set the mood for each class. Each trainer has his or her own special music niche. I love mash-ups, throwbacks, hip-hop, EDM-nonsense. Whatever it maybe, the music is always on point.

6. There is pride in the Power-UP. The FIRST tank is special. Boom pow, I peddled hard for the those points. I practically had firecrackers under my lil feet! 

7. As your goals change, the ride evolves. And this is a good thing. Whatever you want in that stadium, its available, you just have to go get it. I used to care SO much about my ending power number and the leaderboard. There is nothing wrong with being a competitive lil bee. But as I started to ride more consistently, the importance of the number faded. It sounds silly, but I became more consumed in the experience – having good form, being present, getting lost in the music, and taking some time for myself. Also, sometimes it’s just not your day. You’re in a funk; you're feeling lazy, and the last thing you want to do is spin. But you accept it and peddle through anyways. Because just showing up is an accomplishment and honestly, no completed workout is ever regretted in hindsight (as cheesy as that may sound, it's true people). 

8. It’s comfortable, but never lacks a challenge. Fly has built a warm and inviting atmosphere and culture in Chicago. It's inclusive. The other day a fellow rider came up and introduced herself to me, asking for my name as well. She said she always sees me around in different Fly classes and wanted to attach a name to a familiar face. How kind! And for the classes, while you get stronger with each class you take, the workout itself truly never gets easier. There is always the option to personally make it more difficult and adjust to your increasing strength and endurance. 

Ah, Fly what can I say? So many feels. Thanks for always being a positive, consistent and beats-bumpin-movin'-groovin' staple to my day. This bee wouldn't have it any other way! 

... even White Lightning wants to be apart of the FlyFam gang. I told her the beats were boopin' so toot toot, beep beep she just hangs outside. She's such a sneaky sneak.  

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