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BrunchXBurn: Soul Cycle Edition

BrunchXBurn: Soul Cycle Edition

BrunchXBurn is a pop-up fitness event series in Chicago. The company partners with popular workout spots and restaurants to organize feel-good workouts + yummy foodie experiences. Sounds bomb.com, right? What's better than a lil food and flexing?! Nothing. Furthermore, all that sweating & noshing goes to a good cause ... 100% of proceeds from registration tickets go directly to charity. Woo. Hoo. 

I stumbled upon BrunchXBurn via instagram. Duh. I'll embrace my Beezy trolling. Their IG page is a gorgeous collection of all things health and fitness focused - workouts, healthy eats, highlights of past BXB events, etc. A couple of weeks ago they began promoting a new Soul Cycle event. All proceeds would benefit Girls In The Game, a charity focused on helping instill confidence in young girls through fun & active sports, and health & leadership programs. 

The two Soul Cycle teachers leading the event would be Naz Sanders and Hallie Wilson. I've taken both of their classes in the past and they're bomb.com; amazing. The ride theme, you ask?? 

Oo, girl. Beyonce's LEMONADE.  

Tickets were scheduled to go on sale on June 1st at 9am. I put this date into my calendar and had my alarm set 15 minutes beforehand as a reminder to get to a computer ASAP. I had a feeling tickets would sell fast.

8:58am rolls around and I log onto the site. I'm nervous. Girl, I GOTTA get my lemonade tickets!

tick tock. 9:00am. It's HERE.

[click, click, REFRESH].  

Why isn't the page loading?!

Ah, there we go!

[Add ticket to cart] CHECKOUT. faster. 

blah, blah gotta list ALL my contact and payment info. Hustle, BK!

[Purchase]. BOOM, pow.

[CONFIRMED!] Beezy is ready to slay to some BEY.  

The day arrives. June 11th. It's a GORGEOUS sunny Sunday in Chicago. Mhmm, lemonade is on tap. The ride was scheduled to start at 12:30PM at the Soul Cycle in Chicago's Loop. I arrived a tad early at 11:50ish and there was already a line was forming outside. The gals were in formation. 

We were let into the studio at 12PM on the dot. We were directed to check in at the front desk and pick up a pair of cycling shoes. Before class started there was also the option to get your hair braided - glam squad - or purchase tickets for a raffle [SO many goodies!], Again, all proceeds would benefit Girls in The Game. I bought some raffle tickets really hoping I could either (A.) win a Soul Cycle class pack; (B.) snag a new pair of Nikes; (C.) win the most delicious assortment of Purely Elizabeth granola; or (D.) relish in a Vital Proteins gift bag. I had my hopes set high, but didn't win any of them. No worries, there's always next time :) 

Mind you, throughout all of this excitement, Beyonce is JAMMIN' throughout the studio and lemons [real lemons!] were scattered about everywhere. Bey boppin', I was ready to ride! 

Cycle shoes [ON]. Headed into the studio [OKAY].

Each bike was set up with a towel, water and the most adorable BXB gift bag filled with goodies [item noted below]! The room was buzzing'. Bey's bee-hive was ready to clip in and ride. 

Naz kicked off our class. She is hands down phenomenal. Her playlist was BEY-fire and she is packed full of energy. The gal is walking 'good vibes', okay. Each song was better than the last - who run the world, partition, bow down... I can't remember the entire playlist, I was in a bey-slay fog, too busy buzz-bee jammin', and loving life. 

At the end of class she said something that stuck with me. Ah, she got to my soul, people! She said that many times people walk into the studio with the intention to simply change the outside - their body in it's physical form. But throughout the process your mindset can change - if you let it -, as you dig deeper and uncover more than just that physical transformation you were initially seeking. What fuels you? What powers you to keep moving [in the studio, but also beyond, in life]? If you allow this self exploration to happen, the reason for cycling - or, in my opinion, exercising in general - becomes about so much more than what you can physically see. 

i LOVE this. 

What a great reminder and message, especially on a day like today. The room was packed FULL of bey-lovin' bees all uniting to ride with the simple intention to support a cause and throw some good into the world. 

In the end, we're all after a lil self-betterment. And that's amazing. It's the notion of being strong physically, but also mentally. It's the adrenaline. It's the challenge. We're ever-evoling. Ah, such amazing things can happen while spinning in a dark, sweaty room [packed with Beckys - JK!] for 45 minutes just boppin' to bey. #islay 

After class Goddess and the Baker + Protein Bar joined forces to supply some yummy goods. Mhm, there were a number of healthy wraps to choose from, along with fruit cups and chia seed pudding. 

All in all, the day was a success. SO FUN. Kudos to the BXB crew who organized this event. It was a blast. I was looking forward to it for weeks, and it definitely did not disappoint. I am so, so grateful that I was able to support a wonderful organization and spin with such an amazing, energetic crew. I'll be scoping the scene for future BXB events! 

One, last thang, check out the GOODS in that goodie bag! Vital protein collagen peptides, the NEW RX chocolate chip flava flav, Purely Elizabeth granola, Sriracha honey jerky, and SO many more... Aye caramba.

Thank you. 

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