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Beezus, I'm glad you're here! Welcome to my blog.

Join me on my adventures for healthy, whole, clean eats and workouts that move my feet-s!  

Powered by [B's] Beats

Powered by [B's] Beats

You might have caught on that I love to use words like ‘bop’ & ‘pop’… or even phrases like ‘bee bop, don’t stop’. Now I attribute this advanced lexicon to one of two things:

1. Copious amounts of caffeine

2. My beats. Better yet, B’s beats.

I’m running on high energy, people (or at least in the wee-hours of the morning). There's no better word to describe it than just boppin'! Plus, it’s fun. Maybe I'm the bees-knees (jokes); but really, I don’t take myself too seriously, neither should you!

Now, if you spend lots of time crusin’ the sidewalks of Chicago like I do, you’ll notice that besides the general traffic noise, it’s actually – dare I say – quite. Even during my morning commute, the bus is basically silent. Everyone is wearing headphones, myself included. Why? I’m straight-up BOPPIN’ to my beats. Toe tapping' while my hands are clappin'. 

What am I bopping to? Good question. Well, have you ever received that monthly recap email from Spotify? You know, the one that recounts your top genres based on your most listened tunes? Every month mine indicates that I’m a fiend for ‘Pop’. Shocker, right? "Dance Pop" in particular. 

So what's the point of all this?

 I believe the world needs more of B's beats. And, I am here to deliver on that declaration! 

So, keep on reading and I'll serve up my boop-iest of beats that begin with the letter "B'! 

Song 1: Bug a Boo - Destiny's Child

You buggin’ what? You buggin’ who? You buggin’ me and this ain’t cool! Let me just say that this is the ultimate boppin’ song. I have no shame in my Destiny Child’s throwback game. From one queen bee to another, Bey you slay! 

Also, kuddos to my coWERKers who've put up with my bug a boo shenanigans for 3+ days now. You're the real MVP. I offer my sincerest of thanks if you're reading this... which you better BEE! 

Song 2: Beauty and a Beat - Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj

Well, this is expected. Have you ever met a teenie bopper in her late-20s? Hi. My name is Bridget, its nice to meet you. 

Song 3: #BDAY - Chris Brown, Siya, and Sage The Gemini

Go lil B, shorty! It almost your bday.  I decided to post a choreography video so you can envision how I move n' groove on my birthday. #DED. I can't. 

Song 4: [rude] BOY

Mmmk, so technically this doesn't start with a 'B', but it was too good to pass up! It's my blog. I do what I want. Also, this song is appropriate because MANY times while I'm walking along, minding my own BEE-siness, I go to cross the street and almost get smushed because of a non-law abiding motorists. Like, thats rude, boy. You're such a bug a boo. 

Song 5: Bye Bye Bye - *NSYNC

This song will forever and always scream "TRL" - Total Requests Live - from MTV. I remember racing home from school just in time to catch Carson Daily announce, yet once again, that NSYNC had nabbed the #1 spot with this blazin' little number. Wasn't it always so suspenseful watching as Joey and Chris basically risked their lives running on top of that moving train... jumping from car to car?! #heros

Alright. Did that get weird? Mission accomplished!

 Signing off.  But first, let me leave you with ONE last bop: Imma Be-E!

B's Bae, Barry

B's Bae, Barry

Coconut-Cinnamon Cauliflower

Coconut-Cinnamon Cauliflower