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"What are you working towards?"

"What are you working towards?"

If you frequently attend fitness classes there's a great probability you've been presented with that question. Me - I'm a 6AM spin gal - and most commonly I hear, "You didn't get yourself out of bed this early for nothing. What do you want? Why are you here? What are you working towards?". It's motivational. Okay, okay. But normally at that point in the morning my brain is not functioning at 100%. Miraculously, I CAN create a jammin' snapchat story at 6AM, but introspective thoughts about my life goals are not percolating at that early hour of the day. 

Well, fast-forward (or rewind) to a couple days ago. I was walking down the sidewalk. Good thoughts often come to me while walking. [noted, BK]. I was thinking about future beezy blog topics and I figured it was time to revisit this question and actually put my lil noggin to use. 

What am I working towards? 

Well, in a general sense, we're all reaching for something. Right? Isn't that the point of life? Create goals. Crave new experiences. Take risks. Celebrate successes. Accept mistakes and grow. All of these moments teach us something. And, ultimately, there's betterment built into the process. Yes, people often say, "trust the process"; but I think it's about being present in the process, learning from it, and  activating change. We're not put here on this earth to be lil blobs of jelly who live complacently. We're here to do. To create. To make a mark. 

And, I'll be honest. I cannot pinpoint a specific reason of what I'm working towards or even why. I was hesitant to write this post because I don't have a definitive answer to that question. Perhaps it's ever-evolving. 

So I asked myself this: Why do I spin my legs in tireless circles at ungodly early hours of the day? Why do I spend my time assembling and taking pictures of perfectly aligned pieces of food? I look like a weird-o!! Why do I get geekily excited when I think about a new blog topic?  Why do I incessantly stalk Instagram for recipes that involve pumpkin spice? It's MAY, for goodness sake! 

Why do I combine all of these nonsensical things into a blog?! Do people even care?

Well, what I do know is this: My blog creates a sense of joy for myself. While I want others to be interested in what I have to say, it's ultimately not about them. My hope is that if I start by creating something rooted in what I inherently love, others will come to love it too. 

My blog fuels a feeling of accomplishment. It's a creative outlet and I'm proud of it. Sure it's kooky and a tad unconventional, but that's the whollybeezus way. It started with an idea and I created it. I was going to take pictures of food (in good lighting, of course) and post them on Instagram with cute little captions accompanied by 100+ health-ified hashtags (joking, but also kind of serious, ha). Yes, @Whollybeezus was born. Time passed, and then I had another idea and I created it. I was going to put pen to paper (ah, fingers to keys) and write about things. Health things. Workout things. Wellness things. Yes, Whollybeezus.com was born.

I have no idea what I'm doing. For real. I am by no means an expert. I don't know everything about health and wellness, or even blogging. But I'm reaching. That's part of the process, right? Find something that you're interested in - passionate about - and reach for better. Create something. Navigate through the  issues, learn and have a blast bringing this kooky idea to life. For now, that is what I'm working towards. 

"When you let your mind wander, make sure it's to a beautiful place" - Doe Zantamata

Anyways, thats enough 'feels' for the day. Tomorrow we'll be back to our normal programming of Bieber chats and White Lightning adventures. BUT, a little celebration is in order first. Today happens to mark the 1 month anniversary of Whollybeezus entering the bloggin' space. CONGRATS, lil lady. It's been fun. [Cue streamers and confetti falling from the ceiling]. 

Now let's keep on, keepin' on, beezy. It's time to get to werk! 

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