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Beezy Breakfast Recipe: Eggs n' Swoodles

Beezy Breakfast Recipe: Eggs n' Swoodles

I'm sure you are very familiar with the concept of an egg in a basket. You know, you cut a hole in a piece of bread, butter both sides, place it in a hot pan, then crack an egg to cook in the center of the bread. Genius. But what about an egg in swoodles?! That's right, swoodles, people. 

swoodles (n.) !!! sweet potatoes sliced into thin strips as to resemble noodles. #nom

I can't take credit for inventing the egg in swoodles idea. It's actually been popping up on my Instagram feed quite a bit lately. Kudos to all you creative culinary cats out there  :) Beezy and I are envious of your talent! But, we also accept the challenge... can we get down with eggs n' swoodles?!

Yes, we can. 

The ingredients are pretty simps. You will need:

  • Sweet potato veggie noodles (you can make your own if you have a spiralizer, or you can buy them pre-made. I LOVE the Veggie Noodle Co brand. I purchase mine at Whole Foods, and I was recently told that they're also sold at certain Target grocery stores!)
  • Eggs
  • Egg Whites
  • Cooking spray (TJ's Olive Oil Spray or Coconut Oil Spray) 
  • Seasonings (Sea Salt + Black Pepper + Ground Cinnamon OR Everything But the Bagel Seasoning)


Make Swoodle Nests

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  2. Line a baking dish with parchment paper and make little 'nests' out of your sweet pot noodles 
  3. Spray swoodles with cooking spray
  4. Add desired seasonings (initially I was groovin' with cinnamon, but then I remembered I had my FAB 'everything but the bagel seasoning' from TJs. It's pretty bomb added to sweet potatoes so I decided to go with that)
  5. Cook the nests for about 10-12 minutes or until the edges get golden brown and slightly crispy  

Now I believe this step is the key to making the dish successful. Crisp-up those swoodles BEFORE adding the egg! Otherwise, they’ll be soggy and no one likes soggy swoodles. 

 Make Your Nests 'EGGs-cellent'! 

  1. Take your swoodle nests and place them in a frying pan*
  2. Pour in just a smidge of the egg whites over the nests to help hold the swoodles together
  3. Crack an egg in the center of the basket
  4. Add sea salt and ground pepper to the egg
  5. Cook egg as desired (The bottom cooks faster - obviously - so I found that it helps to cover the pan in order to help expedite the yolk cooking process)
  6. Add a lil avocado, or maybe some fruit on the side and ENJOY! 

*I should add that I found that ADORABLE mini frying pan at my grocery store. It was calling - ahem, basically yelling - 'beezy, BUY me!'... So I did. It actually worked out really well for this recipe because it helped maintain the form of the nests and contain the egg as well. However, I am sure this recipe would be just as fabulous without the same pan!

If you cook this up, let me know how it goes! Or, if you have a better approach, gimme a #buzzbuzz. It took a little experimenting to get this recipe right, so I am always open to suggestions :)  

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