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Shred415 Gains: What I Learned from 30 Days of Shredding

Shred415 Gains: What I Learned from 30 Days of Shredding

I have workout ADD. Bold statement, bk. But let me explain. 

I was sucked into the wonderful (and expensive, I might add) world of boutique fitness a couple of years ago. A friend and I stumbled upon a Chicago Gilt deal for a discounted unlimited month of PureBarre. Now at this time, barre classes were a fairly new concept, or at least they were not popular in Chicago. We did some Googling and were able to deduce that it was some sort of ballet-esque exercise class that involved lots of tucking and pulsing. Strange? To an outsider, yes. But we said 'why not!' and gave it a whirl.

I've never turned back. 


Yes, I'll admit that kickstarted my obsession with boutique fitness, in particular: barre. I even worked at a barre studio part-time on the weekends to feed my addiction. Oh beezy. From there, I cycled into ClassPass. Did any of you sign up for ClassPass when it was brand spankin' new to Chicago? Let me tell you, it was BOMB. I had access to pretty much every boutique studio in Chicago. Classes were unlimited to a degree, and pretty much all class times were available. It felt like SUCH a steal. But all good things must come to an end. I no longer have a ClassPass membership, but from what I know about it now, the system is much, much different and includes many more restrictions. 

Through ClassPass, I discovered my one true love, Flywheel. I've actually been spinning consistently at Flywheel for almost 2 years now. TWO YEARS. For a gal with workout ADD that is quite a feat. But recently, I've had an itch for something new. Something different. Dare I say I felt like I needed to stop spinning my legs in circles and actually pick up a set of weights again?! 

Ah, let me introduce you to Shred415

I paused my Flywheel account [dont worry, I'll be back, bae] and signed up for an unlimited month of Shred. Basically Shred is a 60-minute interval training workout which incorporates treadmill and floor circuits. I used to pop into Shred every once in a while with my ClassPass membership, but I have never gone there consistently for a month.

Now, with 30 days under my belt, I thought it might be fun to share my list of things I've learned. We'll call this 'Shredding Gains' + [insert muscle emoji]. 

1.) On those days when your arms are feelin extra sore, push-ups can and will be incorporated into pretty much every floor exercise. Life is cruel. But girl, we came to WERK. 

2.) Foam rolling is a necessary evil. During my first two weeks I felt like a creaky old lady. EVERYthing hurt. Yes, I did my typical stretches, but nothing really helped until I started to routinely incorporate foam rolling. One night I geeked out over some YouTube videos and learned the basics, then built on from there. Now I no longer feel like crying when that foam roller comes out. It has actually helped tremendously and I try to sneak a lil rollin' in before or after each class. 

3.) Music throwbacks are appreciated on every day of the week, not just Thursday. In fact, Sisqo’s thong song has MANY EDM remixes. Who would have known?! By now I think I've heard maybe 3-4 versions throughout the classes I’ve taken. I'm eagerly awaiting the fifth. 

4.) There is a sneaky setting on the treadmill called manual. You find it by first shutting it down, starting it back up, and then pressing start + stop at the same time. Essentially what happens is you’re allowed to move the tred belt without the added power from the tred. It simply adds resistance. The teacher will then cue the class to do sets of resistance sprints for a total of 5 minutes. It sounds reasonable, but believe me by sprint 3, this girl is dying. [d-y-i-n-g.] 

5.) My left oblique is stronger than my right. That's some weird popeye 'ish. 

6.) I’ve come to love certain weighted-floor exercises. If I had to pick a fave single exercise it would be the chest press. Werk that chest, bk. If I had to pick a favorite compound exercise it world be a bicep curl into a shoulder press, OR if I wanna get crazy, a plank [jump UP] then complete those two exercises. 

7.) Persistence is powerful. I'm definitely not perfect at every exercise. DED. I will never - I repeat - never enjoy burpees or even be good at them, and tricep dips?! oooh, beezus. BUT,  I always try. And get better. Kinda. Hey, progress is not linear :)


8.) I’m definitely not ‘shredded’, but that was never my expectation, nor my goal. I crave routine and then I get bored with routine. Ah, welcome to the paradox that is my life. Anyways, I just needed something to shake up my workout. Try something different from spinning. Challenge myself in a new way. Shred was my solution. 

It’s been sweaty [super sweaty] and it’s been fun. SO FUN that I signed on for another 30 days. Perhaps I’ll have some more enlightenment to share at that time. Stay tuned :) 

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