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Think Jerky: Healthy, Chef-Crafted Jerky

Think Jerky: Healthy, Chef-Crafted Jerky

Phew, this jerky is BIG time, people. Healthy, delicious and flava flav through the ROOF. 

Let me give you the deets on Think Jerky. Have you heard of them?! If not, take note! They’re a Chicago-based  beef and turkey jerky company. They partner with some of the world’s best chefs to craft up unique jerky flavors and recipes that pack a serious punch. Their line of products are sourced from sustainably-raised 100% grass-fed beef, or free-range turkey with no added hormones or antibiotics. Better yet, all ingredients are non-GMO, gluten free and paleo-friendly. ka-bam.


Now let’s turn our attention to their line-up of chef partners. This is the kicker. It's what really knocks this stuff out of the park and differentiates the brand [and their product] from the run-of-the-mill jerkys on the block [back up, jenny]. Think Jerky is currently partnering with 4 chefs: 

Chef Gale Gand, Michelin-Star Chef, two-time James Beard Award winner, author, mom, and Food Network host; Chicago IL

Flavor creations: Sriracha Honey; Ginger Orange 

Chef Laurent Gras, Three-star Michelin Chef, Food & Wine Best New Chef, culinary innovator, author, and avid cyclist; New York, NY

Flavor creation: Thanksgiving 

Chef Doug Sohn, Restaurateur of famed Hot Doug’s, author, Chicagoan, baseball enthusiast, and current bon vivant; Chicago, IL

Flavor creation: Classic 

Chef Matt Troost, Farm-to-Table expert, Baconfest Champion, and believer in locally sourced, clean, and sustainable ingredients; Chicago, IL

Flavor creation: Sweet Chipotle 

Additionally, the Think Jerky website features Chef recipes using Think Jerky as a key ingredient in unique dishes. Say what?! Fire. No longer is jerky just reserved for a snack. It's now elevated to an ingredient for a meal. I felt inspired! I loved the idea of creating a salad base (mixed greens + veggies) and using the Think Jerky as a topping. Pack in that healthy protein, people. It's like a big ole ka-pow to knock any mundane salad on it's butt. 

I got straight to work on a salad consisting of romaine, kale, mixed baby greens, roasted carrots, roasted asparagus, cucumber, pineapple, zucchini, hardboiled egg and dried cranberries. I was excited to try the ginger orange jerky. I thought the sweetness of the orange + the zip of ginger would be a nice compliment to my sweet + savory salad. Boy oh boy, was I right...

If you're feeling adventurous check out their recipe for jerky burritos. you got it, Sweet Chipotle burritos.

woo wee. 

This jerky is jammin'. Go snag a pack... or 5. It is typically on sale if you check Amazon. Think Jerky donates 10% of all profits to the David Lynch Foundation to teach veterans with PTSD how to meditate to heal themselves naturally. They're a good brand, doing good things! 

Thanks bunches, Think Jerky! 

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