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Week 1: Whole30 Recap

Week 1: Whole30 Recap

Whole30 week 1 down. emoji praise hands. 

How am I feeling? Good. In all honestly I feel pretty much like my usual myself [no abnormal irritability, moodiness, or fatigue]. And I’d say that is an accomplish for a couple of different reasons:

  1. The first few days into the new year can be rough. You’re coming off the high of the holidays, you’re back to work and you’re just trying to get back into the swing of things. To top it all off, it’s been hella cold in Chicago. Like, brrr. Total cozy up, eat-comfy-food type of weather. 
  2. Additionally, lots can be going on with your body [and brain] during the first week as you’re adjusting to a new way of eating. The Whole30 timeline indicates you may experience a phase of wanting to kill ALL the things. Phew. I didn’t experience this. Friends, fam… consider yourselves lucky. just jokes.

So, in considering what I’m up against, this gal gives a big thumbs up to the feels happening in the first week of my Whole30.

I would say that the one big difference I've noticed thus far is my appetite. I’m hungry. Gimme the food…and double the amount of veggies. Ha, but in all seriousness, I do feel hungrier than I would normally be if I wasn’t doing Whole30. Throughout the week I decided to add in a lil more protein and healthy fats [namely avocados. yum.] into my meals… and then amp up the veggie portions, which isn’t hard for a gal who loves a good roast n' toast. This seems to be working and I feel satisfied. Hopefully going into week 2 things will start to normalize. We shall see.


From week to week, I thought it would be fun to document and share a lil bit more about my Whole30 R2 journey, such as:

  1.     What Whole30 thing(s) have I been loving?
  2.     What has surprised me?
  3.     What is something I want to accomplish in the following week?

So, for starters... 

What Whole30 thing(s) have I been loving in week 1? 

salmon. veggie noodles. tazo tea.

During my first Whole30 I didn’t incorporate any salmon. gasp. crazytown. Why, beezy?! It makes for the perfect one pan meal. I simply line a sheet pan with parchment paper, add the salmon fillets and some chopped veggies, sprinkle on a seasoning of choice and pop into the oven for about 15 min. It’s seriously so super simps and makes for the perfect dinner. 

This past week the BF and I cooked salmon with butternut spirals, roasted brussels and tomatoes. It was surprisingly delicious … and brings me to my next fave, which is veggie noodles. You can certainly make your own at home, but peep the brand Veggie Noodle Co. You won't be disappointed. 


I LOVED veggie noodles during my first Whole30. However, this past week we tried sautéing them in ghee [clarified butter]. I didn’t use ghee during my first Whole30 [I was, and still am, a coconut oil gal]. I was surprised to find that the ghee worked out pretty nicely for this dish. I usually go for crunchy veggies, but this was something new to try … and I didn’t hate it!  


Lastly, tea. Luckily my office stocks a pretty nice variety of Tazo tea so I have a new flava-flav to try everyday. During my first Whole30 I relied on La Croix, but because it’s been so chilly in Chicago this past week, the tea has been a nice option to warm me up! 

What has surprised me during week 1?

Before my Whole30 began I bought a few new, Whole30 approved condiments and dressings to keep my salads and roasted veggies jazzy. I didn’t want to get bored, especially in the first week! But, to my surprise, I’ve been ditching these fancy [and expensive] condiments and dressings in lou of a simple mixture of coconut aminos, dijon mustard* and nutritional yeast. It’s a super simple dressing and really adds a nice cheesy zing to veggies and salads.

*just be sure to check your labels. A lot of dijon mustards can contain hidden sugar, but I've found a couple organic varieties at Whole Foods sans the suga-suga. 


What is something I want to accomplish in the follow week?

Random, but I want to try bone broth. I’m an Instagram troll, ah ya caught me! Ha. But I will routinely scroll Whole30 hashtags looking for meal inspiration and overall motivation. Over and over again, bone broth has been a popular topic of conversation for it’s immune support and gut “healing powers” [+ many others!]. Curious. I found this brand called Kettle & Fire and I'm going to try the chicken and beef varieties. If you have a favorite bone broth brand [Whole30 compliant, please!] let me know! 


And that’s that. Stay tuned for a Week 2 update. ka pow. 

Week 2: Whole 30 Recap

Week 2: Whole 30 Recap

Back to the Basics: Whole30 Round TWO!

Back to the Basics: Whole30 Round TWO!