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Week 2: Whole 30 Recap

Week 2: Whole 30 Recap

Whole30 week two, complete. How do I feel?

Mentally? I'm proud and accomplished. Week 2 is typically the hardest [days 10 and 11] and it's oftentimes the breaking point at which most people fall off the wagon. So I'm proud that I'm powering through! The bod? Oo, I'm energized. No afternoon snoozin' at my desk and my workouts feel strong! And the appetite? I'm less hungry, that's for sure. My voracious appetite has subsided. I'm feeling back to normal. Perhaps I've finally figured out how to balance my meals/snacks properly, or my body is starting to catch on to this cleaner [no suga-suga] way of eating. 


This week I was presented with a unique challenge. On Friday I left Chicago and traveled home to Milwaukee because my parents are in the process of moving. Exciting stuff! I love going home to visit my family. But, as you can imagine, traveling on the Whole30 isn’t always easy. There’s something to be said about the comfort of your own kitchen. Whole30 requires fresh ingredients, food prep and cooking … and lots of it! Having a space that is packed full of compliant goodies [and no sneaky temptations] just makes Whole30 livin’ easier. 

But, with that said, life is life! And aside from being away from my kitchen, I wouldn’t be able to cook at all… unless I wanted to sift through all the boxes and search for some cooking gear. Meh. Amongst all the moving chaos, I think that would make my mom’s head spin. So, I decided to prep my meals in advance. I made a list of what I’d be eating for my meals and what ingredients I needed to buy. Then I got to cookin'!

I kept things as simple as possible. I would only be gone for a short weekend and I didn’t want to pack a suitcase full of food. My mom still poked fun at my huge "lunchbox" in the fridge. lolz. I'm hungry, OK mom?! :) 


Here’s the complete list of what I prepped and packed. It ended up being too much food, but better that than a hangry bee.

Proteins: Salmon, ground turkey

Veggies: TJs cruciferous crunch, roasted carrots, roasted brussel sprouts, roasted cauliflower, sweet pots  

Fruits: Apples

Snacks: Rxbars, sugar snap peas 

Condiments/extras: Mustard, nutritional yeast, collagen peptides 


I used the cruciferous crunch as the base for all my meals, added a protein of choice, popped on some roasted veggies and topped it off with mustard and nutritional yeast. The apples, RxBars and sugar snap peas were all good snacks. And I brought the collagen to sprinkle into my AM coffee. I kept it simple and I'd say it was a success. 

And, even better, my sister-in-law surprised me with a Whole30 compliant soup on Friday night. So sweet and thoughtful! We had our first family dinner in the new condo. What was on the menu?!... pizza and Whole30 soup. Ha, I like it. 

If I remember correctly, the base of the soup was a combo of free-range chicken stock + coconut milk and the soup had veggies, shredded chicken thighs, and bunch of spices. SO delicious. 

Now for the weekly Q&A... 

What Whole30 thing(s) have I been loving in week 2? 

Kombucha. [claps and snaps, GTs]. One sheet pan veggie roasts.  

Let's start with the booch! I love this stuff. I didn’t drink it at all during my first Whole30 because I honestly didn’t know it existed. The notion of gut-heath has become increasingly popular over the years. And with that, products that improve and promote a healthy gut are having a moment to shine. Whatever the reason, shine on ‘booch, you’re great and grand! The only issue? This stuff can get pretty pricey. Check your local Trader Joe's if you have one. They oftentimes sell a couple GTs flavors at a lower price point than you’d find in other grocery stores. And if you're curious on the to-do's and to-dont's when it comes to selecting a Whole30 compliant booch, here's an excerpt from the Whole30 bible...

Kombucha: Read your labels

We like the probiotic benefits of ‘booch, and we think it makes a fine addition to your Whole30 menu. Just read your labels carefully—sugar listed in the ingredients generally means that it was added after fermentation, and that’s a no-go. Some varieties, like GT Dave’s Enlightened flavors, have fruits and fruit juices added, which are just fine.

Also, more booch deets here.


Next up… my one sheet pan veggie roasts. I’ll admit, I wasn’t too creative with my dinners this past week. I relied heavily on what I like to call the roast n' toast. This is essentially lining a sheet pan with parchment paper and throwing on whatever chopped veggies are in the fridge and roasting them. It’s so super-simps, pairs well with pretty much any protein [I'm normally a crockpot chicky gal] and makes for the perfect Whole30 meal when you’re not in the mindset to whip up something fancy. 


My roast n' toasts vary, but they'll usually consist of some sort of mixture of the following: cauliflower or broccoli [either riced or florets], TJs healthy 8 veggie mix, carrots, brussel sprouts, sweet pots [noodles or chunks], asparagus, baby zucchinis, bell peppers.. ah, the list could go on and on. You can get ALL of this at Trader Joe's. So normally my roast n' toasts are fueled by whatever I may have snagged in the TJ produce department that week. 


What has surprised me during week 2?

Well, for starters, I'm pleasantly surprised my skin hasn't turned orange yet from the mass quantity of sweet pots I've consumed. just jokes. kinda. I'm only halfway through. So, when week 4 comes along and BAM, I'm an oompa loompa bee :) I might be singing a different tune. 

Anyways, these lil ditties have become a staple for me. They're so easy to prepare and keep well in the fridge. I also think the starchy carbs helps keep this lil bee buzzing! I just take a few sweet pots, wrap them in tinfoil, place on a rack in the oven and roast for about 45 min to an hour [pending the size] at 400 degrees. When they're done I remove them from the oven and let cool for about 30 min. I then unwrap the pots, cut in half [lengthwise] and store in a container in the fridge. I reheat and have with eggs in the morning, I'll pop them into my lunch preps, and I'll even have them for dinner with a protein such as crockpot chicky or salmon.   


What is something I want to accomplish in the following week? #goalz. 

Well, last week I set my sights on trying bone broth. The verdict? Eh, I'm just iffy on the stuff. I tried it plain. Didn't like it. So then I added a squeeze of a lil lemon. The taste improved, sure, but it still wasn't my fave. Perhaps I need to explore a couple more brands before I totally nix it from my list. But at least I tried! I have one more container of it in my pantry so maybe I'll cook with it! Who knows. A soup perhaps?! Lil beezy will get crafty with the crockpot. 

Next up, hydration. I've got water goals this coming week, people. There are many, many different opinions on how much water we should drink per day. And honestly, it depends on you and your body. So many things could impact the amount of water you should be consuming, ranging from your weight, activity level, the water content of the current foods you're eating, etc. So, I'm not going to say what's right for you, I'm just gonna do right what's right for bee.

"Drink more water" is so lofty. So in order to set myself up for success, I'm going to aim to drink 1 liter by noon and another by 6 pm. 2 liters done. bam. easy. Ha, we'll have a progress check-in next week :)  

Later, gators. We're onto week 3, let's kick it. 


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