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Hiking in Acadia National Park

Hiking in Acadia National Park

"Look, look! Ooo, wowww. beautiful.” 


Rewind to this past weekend in Acadia National Park… that’s me, broken record b, repeating myself over and over again. The views were amazing. It seemed we were witnessing fall at it’s finest!

I was slightly nervous that we might be visiting too late in the season and would be missing the best of the vibrant fall foliage, but oh no, the views were simply superb. The air had a nice cool crispness and the trees were beautifully colored in rich gold, red and lush green leaves. wow.


opps, we forgot to pack the selfie stick [just jokes]. k’s arm will do!


First, for a bit of background, Keaton and I decided to book one last weekend trip this year. Where to? Well, Portland, Maine and Acadia National Park! We were looking forward to a few hikes, some time to bop around the city of Portland, and - most importantly - lots of chowdah!


Once we got to Bar Harbor we popped into a nearby National Park visitor center to chat with a guide and plan our hikes. We had 2 half days to fill with all the Acadia adventures we could muster. Day 1 included Sand Beach, Gorham Mountain, and Cadillac Cliffs. Day 2 included Cadillac Mountain and an impromptu hike down a cute carriage road we spotted. Jordan Pond was on our to-do list, but it turns out it was already closed for the season! Shucks. You’ll read about the plan b a lil later.


DAY 1!

Ah, Sand Beach. What a gem! Look at that bright blue water. Brr, swimming season was long gone, but I could image this being quite the popular spot in the warmer summer months.


We soon ditched the sandy beach, grabbed our packs and set off to hike Gorham Mountain. The trail was a steady climb up - a bit windy and rocky - but nothin’ this duo couldn’t handle.


gasp. Sky high for mister K. Me [dubbed cautious karen, lol, thanks?] preferred to keeps her boots planted firmly to the trail!


Up n’ up we went. Inching closer to the top.


Once we made it to the tippy top we stopped to relished in some pretty fab views. We knew this wouldn’t be the most strenuous hike [or tallest mountain] in the park, but the reward at the top - those coastal views! - would be pretty spectacular.


View to right [you can see Sand Beach below].


View to left [See?! Look, look! Ooo, wowww.]


On our way down the mountain we encountered an alternative route to descend, Cadillac Cliffs. This trail was a bit more wooded and rocky to navigate than what we experienced on the way up. It was fun! We popped our heads into an old cave. Yikes, some pretty spooky biz for this b!

Later on we checked into our hotel, Inn on Mount Desert. It reminded me of a cute lil bed and breakfast - cozy and homey. Those red rocking chairs out front were just the cherry on top!

We ventured into Bar Harbor for dinner at Geddys, but first stopped to have a quick drink at Atlantic Brewing Company. K had a beer flight. Me…skip the brew, wine please! Cheers.


DAY 2!

Cadillac Mountain was on the agenda. This is known to be a great spot to explore early, EARLY in the morning. It’s the highest point on the North Atlantic seaboard and can be the first place in the US to see the sunrise.

We’re both early birds, but not the 3AM-ish type, so we opted to hit the snooze button in favor of catching more Zzzs. We drove up around 9AM and enjoyed the scenic views along the summit road [in total, about 3.5 miles to the top of Cadillac Mountain].


Pit stop for a pic. kk!


On one side of the summit road we saw lush trees for miles and on the other, large walls of rocks with icicles forming. Brr! Those temps were droppin’ and ice, ice baby.


Once at the top, we parked the car and hopped out to explore. This trail was different in the sense that you don’t climb up the mountain, rather you walk around the top of the mountain in a large loop - exploring from all sides. As expected, the views did not disappoint.


boots up!


surprise k, b is actually a mountain geenie ;)


On our drive down the mountain we made an impromptu stop to take a stroll down this adorable little carriage road. The path was flanked with the most gorgeous trees. Red, yellow and green leaves just scattered about! 


We intended to visit the cafe at Jordan Pond for lunch; however, some bikers we bumped into on the path alerted us that it was closed for the season. Big bummer. The silver lining?! We ventured back into Bar Harbor and had the BEST clam chowdah, seafood stew, fish tacos and crab cakes. Hands down, check out Peekytoe Provisions if you’re in Bar Harbor and are looking for a cute, but casual seafood restaurant. You won’t be disappointed.


And that’s that! We bopped back to the car and headed to Portland. More lobstah, more chowdah … yes please! 

I could go on forever about the delicious eats we encountered in Portland. I wish we had many more days to explore and bigger bellies to consume all the treats. Below is a list of the places we ventured to [they’re all delicious, but not necessarily whollybeezy nutritious. sorry b, yolo!].

No Fuss Crockpot Turkey Chili

No Fuss Crockpot Turkey Chili

Roasted Parsnip Fries

Roasted Parsnip Fries