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BEEhind the scenes with Whollybeezus

BEEhind the scenes with Whollybeezus

Who’s the B behind whollybeezus? Well, by now you probably know a few things about me. I love sheet pan roast n’ toasts, riding bikes [stationary, in a stadium, or in-action, live, on the Lakeshore Trail], music [the bigger the mash-up, the better], Whole30’s [completed two rounds to be exact], any and all vegetables that are orange [sweet pots, carrots ... beta-cartoene, yes please] and Trader Joe’s. Ah, mwah, to Trader Joe’s! I write about these things all the time. 

But, who am I beyond this bike riding, veggie roastin’, beeboppin’, orange lady who spends one too many hours at Trader Joe's?! Buckle up. It’s story time. Let me tell you 5 things you may not know about me, Bridget, the B behind Whollybeezus. 

1. I’m a 4 time national rugby champion.

Yes, you better believe it! In high school I went to an all girl’s catholic school. Going into my freshmen year I only knew a handful of girls who’d be in my class. So, in an effort to make the transition a lil easier, my mom suggested that I join a club sport to make friends. Rugby. She suggested that I try rugby. I’m not sure she totally understood the sport when she suggest it, nor did I walking into that first practice. ha. It's physical to say the least, but crazy fun. 

And, the rules, you ask? Ah. Well, it's kind of confusing. In a nutshell, if your team has possession of the ball, you pass it backward while running forward, dodging tackles, all in an effort to score a “try”. On the flip side, if you’re on the defensive team, you basically just try to annihilate anyone who is carrying the ball. run fast, tackle low! oo ditty, brutal. 

the "forwards" and "backs" huddle before kickoff. I am #6!

the "forwards" and "backs" huddle before kickoff. I am #6!

a lil scrum ... it's a means of restarting play... perhaps if the ball was knocked forward.

a lil scrum ... it's a means of restarting play... perhaps if the ball was knocked forward.

I played all 4 years of high school, basically year-round, including fall and spring seasons, and then indoors in the winter off-season. We competed for the State title in the fall, and the Midwest and National titles in the spring. We won it all. Every year. We went to Nationals each spring … Burbank, CA my freshman year, Portland, MA my sophomore year, and then Milwaukee, WI for both my junior and senior years [hometown pride!].

I played in the forward pack. Sometimes as the hooker [my least fave], sometimes as the 8-man, but most often as a flanker. It was a blast. I never broke a bone, just sustained many, many bruises and a few bloody noses. 

Senior year nationals ... we won :) captains claiming the trophy! 

Senior year nationals ... we won :) captains claiming the trophy! 

I can ruck, maul, and tackle with the best of 'em. Well, I used to. Doubtful if that’s still true today. But hey, I’m a scrappy bee, don’t let my smile fool ya!


2. I went to college at the University of Minnesota and lived in a cookie castle.

I graduated high school and closed the rugby chapter. Onto college life! Go gophers. I was lucky enough to meet a fab group of gals my first week of freshmen year. We all lived in the same hall in our dorm [go T-hall] and we ended up living together for the next 4 years. 

To be clear, we didn't live in an actual cookie castle. We were just a bunch of giggly girls living together in a house off campus. I think during a pregame we drank one too many “shotties” of sved and thought it was a genius idea to coin our abode the cookie castle. After that, it just stuck. We lived in that house for 2 years - as juniors and seniors. So many shenanigans. So much fun. Jason Derulo’s Whatcha Say holds a special place in my heart because it was played on repeat in that house … for weeks and weeks, and months, and many more months beyond that. It never got old.


Oddly enough, it was incredibly hard to find a blog appropriate photo of us all. I tried, honestly! I did some FB creeping and it was a nice trip down memory lane, but we'll just keep those pictures tucked away for the time being...or, forever :) 

That's all of us at our neighbor's ugly Christmas sweater party our junior year. We could never turn down a themed party.

Good times, gals. always! 

3. I’m a gamer [puzzles, riddles, you name it!].

When it comes to boardgames, my boyfriend beats me at every game of scrabble we play. Ha! But maybe one day, just one day, I’ll claim the crown! 


My bread and butter is riddles. Oo ditty, and I love to make them rhyme. A while ago I created 'rhyme tyme' riddles. Don't judge :) It's silly, and just for fun. It’s basically a riddle with three clues, and each one of the clues rhymes. I haven’t written one in the LONGEST time, which makes me sad … but here’s an oldie. See if you can guess the answer :) 


4. I’m a dog lover.

I’ve had three dogs in my lifetime, all rhodesian ridgebacks. Maysie, Ellie, and Stella. Sadly, Maysie and Ellie are no longer with us, but Ms. Stella has enough personality and ‘tude for them all. 

Here she is dressed up for the 4th of July. She looks like a baby simba. lol. What a posh pup. 


5. I’m a crafter.

Craft beer?? Psh, please. Arts and crafts, come on now! 

I have my own craft box of artsy supplies and take enormous joy in decorating for the holidays. I always have! Perhaps thats why I find so much joy in snappin’ pics of my fresh foodie finds or meal creations. Hmm, you’re onto something, beezy! 

I went through a pretty aggressive adult coloring book phase. Should I be embarrassed? Meh. No :) 


Bonus, #6: I’m an ad gal ... [who went through a serious snapchat spectacle obsession].

I’ve worked in the Chicago advertising scene for about 6-7ish years. I graduated, snagged an internship, left Minneapolis and moved to the city. boom. It’s been a wild ride, bouncing from working on financial products, to the CPG land of kid’s breakfast cereals, and now the pharmaceutical world. As crazy and chaotic as it can be, advertising is a perfect blend of many things I love - creativity, strategy, storytelling … and a smidge of quirkiness... Gotta keep it jazzy, right? 

I've had the pleasure of working with some amazingly smart and cool people along the way ... 

Those who took pride in dressing in theme for "well dressed Wednesdays'.


Those who made werk parties 100x more fun...


... and those who would drop everything to take "field trips" to the Bean while I make snapchat spectacle stories :) 


Well, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading a thing or two about me, Bridget, the B behind Whollybeezus.

Oo, and if you're curious, the answer to the rhyme tyme riddle was .... poker face! 

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