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A Layover In London

A Layover In London

Prior to this trip, I had not been abroad in nearly 8 years. wow. 

In college I spent the spring semester of my Junior year studying and interning in London, England. I loved it. I was so excited to have the opportunity to once again visit this amazing city, even if it was just for a quick afternoon layover. 


Cheerio from London! Prank phone calls from BK, she's back, hi. 


We originally planned to visit Windsor castle - to have a tea party with the Queen, duh - but we were hesitant to buy tickets in advance, in the event that we had a flight delay. So we waited, and planned to buy them on our phones when we landed. Fast-forward 4 hours... we landed... but couldn't buy our tickets. Odd.

Our goof! Turns out you can't buy tickets online for day-of admission. We were not about to waste our precious afternoon waiting IN LINE for tickets so we quickly developed a plan b.

We snagged tickets for the Heathrow Express and zoomed into Paddington station. 


We lucked out with some amazing weather - warm and sunny - so we stretched our legs and walked to the Kensington Gardens, and then further to Kensington Place. 


Can you spy my waldo? 


Or this lady b?


We only had a few hours to explore. I wish we had so many more!


Then off we went. Back to Chicago. Back to reality.


I loved writing each and every one of my Turkish trip blog posts. It gave me a sneaky excuse to review all my pictures and reminisce about the fun things we saw, ate and experienced. wow. 

Below is a recap of the Turkish Adventure series [click to read the posts if you missed 'em!]: 

Also, one last thing, before we go. [It's like the movie credits ... with a bonus, post-credits clip at the end. You can't leave! FOMO.]


That's Keaton's contribution to the trip's blog posts. What is it you ask? I had the same question. A map. A map of the airport.


Airport geek squad! Just jokes. I'm 101% grateful that Keaton enjoys the airport scene and navigates us appropriately so I can focus my attention on the more important things ... like ... Instagram.

If there wasn't a boomerang of us walking down the autowalk [see, zoomin'], were we even at the airport?! No. 

Turkish Lahmacun with Cucumber, Tomato, and Feta Salad

Turkish Lahmacun with Cucumber, Tomato, and Feta Salad

A Turkish Adventure: Lunch at Nars Hotel

A Turkish Adventure: Lunch at Nars Hotel