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A Turkish Adventure: We're on a Boat!

A Turkish Adventure: We're on a Boat!

Ahoy, matey!

For one day in Cesme, Keaton and I took a break from lounging at the beautiful beaches [rough life, right?!] and decided to embark on a lil sailing adventure. 


We ventured into Cesme to walk along the marina, browse the docked boats and purchase our tickets. This gave us the opportunity to chat [kudos to Keaton's brother who helped bridge the Turkish-to-English language barrier for us] with the boat crew and get a sneak peak of what to expect for the day.

Keaton's sister suggested we check out the Saint Mary. She had been on boat trip with this crew in years past and recommend it. The Saint Mary was a sailboat and, overall, had a more low-key vibe than the other beat-bumpin', party boats in the marina. perfect. We bought our tickets and reserved our seats [partly sunny; partly shady, cuz this b burns!]. 


Our sailing trip included stops at three different beaches throughout the day. When anchored, you could jump off - straight into the water - and swim!


Keaton jumped off the boat with no hesitation. I, still onboard, attempted to throw him a pair of goggles. It was windy, gah! He told me to overthrow, but what's a gal to do?! 

So I threw them and they landed just short of where he was treading water. Whoops. Keaton swam to get them, but - womp, womp - they sank, a total goner. Perhaps that's our lil momento we left in the sea ;) 


The water felt so refreshing, as it got a lil roasty-toasty on the boat deck, even in the shade. And the sights? Simply gorg! Everywhere you look. Who knew such a beautiful place even existed?! 


One of the islands had a small donkey farm. I was more than excited to have a lil meet and greet with these fellas. Keaton has been to Donkey Island before, but he accompanied me and was a good sport, per usual! The donkeys didn't really do much - shocker - but we had to visit them! 


For lunch, the crew cooked a delicious feast of freshly grilled fish, salad, pasta - so much pasta- [still so bizarre] and potatoes. Yum. 


We motored out to visit the 3 different islands, and then on the way home, the crew lifted the sails and we sailed back into the marina.


I fell snoozy to the lullaby of the rocking boat. Keaton completed crossword after crossword. He finished this book by the end of the trip. Champ! I knew answers here and there. Ha. What's a 5 letter word for an Instagram filter, he asked? No thoughts about it, sepia! duh :) 


NBD. This is us. Just living our best lives.

Chicago, you're great and all, but Turkey ... take us back! 

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