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A Turkish Adventure: Beach Days in Cesme

A Turkish Adventure: Beach Days in Cesme

We beached hopped to four of the most beautiful beaches while in Cesme: Ladin Hotel, Delikli Koy, Bu Bi Sorf Okulu and Boyalik Beach. I've never been to a Turkish beach and I find it hard to choose a favorite because a.) they all blew my expectations out of the water [pun intended, lolz] and b.) they were all so different, and gorgeous in their own unique way. 

Let's start with Ladin Hotel. We went here on our first day in Cesme [after having a delicious traditional Turkish breakfast as Bazlama]. Just look at that view, the water, those umbrellas! starstruck.


We enjoyed some time to relax in the sun and read our books before Keaton, his sister and I took a swim to cool off. This was my first experience with sea urchins - ek, what scary lil critters. The water was fairly shallow by the dock were we jumped in, so one wrong step and, zing, you're in for it! Beach shoes were purchased the next day ;)

Keaton's grandma came to visit in the afternoon. After she took a quick swim, we enjoyed some iced tea and a game of backgammon. I'm iffy on the rules, so I watched. But I applaud the gamers for their competitive spirit! 

I tried lahmacun for the first time. wow wow. It resembles a flatbread pizza with tomatoes and spiced minced meat. We topped ours with fresh lettuce and squeeze of lemon. delicious. 


On our second beach day, we ventured to two different locations - Delikli Koy and Bu Bi Sorf Okulu. [Kudos to Keaton's sister for recommending and taking us to BOTH of these beaches!]

These spots felt like lil hidden gems, with a much more chill, low-key vibe. Do you spy the dog just hangin' in the water?! 


At Delikli Koy there was a truck parked on the beach serving a few different varieties of beer, and a guy walking around selling midye dolma [stuffed mussels with spiced rice]. We sat on the rocks to enjoy a little of both after a cute lil cave swimming adventure. Two thumbs up for the cheesin' goggle gang below ;)


Later that afternoon we ventured to Bu Bi Sorf Okulu ... to hang with the wind surfers and packs of wild dogs. 


Just jokes, we didn't wind surf or pet the dogs [I refrained], but we did enjoy some drinks at the beach bar. gotta stay hydrated! cheers.


On our third day, we relaxed at Boyalik beach. Previously I said that I couldn’t possibility choose a fave beach spot, but I take that back. This one mightttt take the cake. Come on, look at that beautiful blue-green sparking water, the palm trees, those lounge chairs placed perfectly in the sunny, sun, sun! Just a dream. 


The day wouldn't be complete without a wild cat sighting. meowza.


Another day, another plate of lahmacun ... + a round of beach drinkies. vacation vibes, yes please. 


I also experienced my first turkish bath [hamam] at the Boyalik Hotel spa.

After spending 15 minutes in the sauna, I was brought into the beautiful bath room. There was a large marble stone in the center of the room and a number of faucets on the surrounding walls. I was instructed to lay on the stone and the woman began by exfoliated my entire body, starting with my face, then feet, then upward. She then covered me in the silkiest of bath bubbles before rinsing me clean. She gave me a plushy white robe and I relaxed in a dimly lit room while enjoying a cup of tea. glorious. 


And that's that, folks! After our 3 days of beach exploration, Keaton and I embarked on our lil sailing adventure aboard the Saint Mary.

And then, on our last day in Cesme, Keaton, his sister and I had a delicious lunch at the Nars Hotel... post to come! Stay tuned. 

A Turkish Adventure: Lunch at Nars Hotel

A Turkish Adventure: Lunch at Nars Hotel

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