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A Turkish Adventure: Breakfast at Bazlama

A Turkish Adventure: Breakfast at Bazlama

On our first morning in Cesme we walked just a few blocks from the summer home to Bazlama, this adorable little restaurant that serves one killer traditional Turkish breakfast. Oh my. 


It wasn't just a meal, but an entire foodie experience.

After ordering the set menu for a Turkish breakfast, we sat at our table and I watched in awe as the servers brought a seemingly endless array of food, spread so beautifully across the table. We had various fresh breads, cheeses, meats, jams, nuts, veggies, fruits, eggs, olives, fried donuts… the choices go on and on! It was simply delicious, with every dish comprised of fresh and organic ingredients.


It is impossible to name a favorite dish. Each and every one was so delicious and unique in it's own way. However, I was loving the blackberry jam mixed with feta cheese, the endless array of olives [duh!] the fresh bread [dipped in the olive oil], and the tomato and egg dish [menemen].  


The restaurant is adorable. It’s an IG dream! Small and quaint; a lovely homey vibe. There were two woman making fresh bread, and a man grilling potato wedges [I think?] in the back corner. It is family owned and operated. The owner’s daughter even stopped by at the end of our meal to personally say hello and check in on our breakfast experience. 10/10. Wonderful! 

Bazlama Instagram: @bazlama.kahvalti

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