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Seattle Eats

Seattle Eats

Holy smokes does Seattle have some good eats! K. and I recently spent a long weekend bopping around Seattle, taking in the sites and enjoying all the treats. Over the course of 4 days we walked over 30 miles, venturing around the city and exploring all the neighborhoods … cray-zee! So of course we needed some fuel to power all those steps. 


I did a smidge of research before our trip and had two “must-eat” spots that I wanted to try. Frankie and Jo’s [plant-based ice cream] and Juicebox Cafe [seasonal, veggie-focused food]. We were staying in an airbnb in Capitol Hill and both spots were just blocks away. How perfect! 

Frankie and Jo’s: Vegan and gluten-free ice cream made from house-made cashew and coconut milk. Wow. I first heard of this place through a Seattle blogger I follow, @RachelsGoodEats. She currently has a collab with Frankie and Jo’s, featuring her own ice cream flavor called RGE cookies & cream. Naturally, I had to have a scoop of that and - after much deliberation - a second scoop of salty caramel ash. K. had two scoops as well and decided on salty caramel ash + velvet heartbeat. Needless to say we were two happy [ice cream] campers!


Juicebox Cafe: seasonal, fresh veggies dishes, juices & smoothies… oh my! We came in just after lunch and this place was still busy and boppin’! I ordered the buckwheat banana bread [+ coconut yogurt, banana, maple syrup, walnuts, and crispy buckwheat] and K. had the tahini yam salad [baby lettuces, black forbidden rice, yam, radish, pickled fennel, pepita dukkah, tahini lemon vinaigrette, herbs, and a poached egg]. Simple ingredients, tons of fab flavor. So GOOD. The atmosphere was adorable as well. Very bright, cute greenery and lil pops of yellow throughout.


Next up —> two fab dinner spots to share. K. did a bit of his own research and found the following two restaurants - Homer [in Beacon Hill] and Sawyer [in Ballard]. Gold star for both. Yum!

Sawyer: Chic, comfy spot with large and small dishes to share. The flatbread with lentil dip was AHH-mazing :) and the dungenuss crab roll was outtah this world, folks! [pics don’t do it justice, just use your imagination, ha!]. And for dessert? Ek, we couldn’t resist the s’mores peanut butter choco-taco. Nostalgia at it’s finest.


Homer: A Middle Eastern/Mediterranean gem of a restaurant. We went on a Sunday night and it was still super crowded! We snagged a spot at the back bar which oversaw the kitchen. It was perfect. Along with our delicious eats, we had a first-hand look at the magic that goes into each and every dish. Let me just say that their pita is the most delcious pillowy puff of bread you’ll ever eat, and pairs so well with their trio of spreads. Oy vey. We also shared the house meatballs with yogurt and tomatillos and the lamb ribs with pistachio, d’anjou pear & cumin.


Here’s the spreads that accompanied the pita: hummus with chickpeas & cumin, labneh with dried tomatoes and mint, squash with walnuts, chilies & sumac.


We ate a lot [clearly], but we also stepped the streets. B. & K. -- Just two busy bees. We lucked out with a gorgeous weekend of sunshine, so we spent the majority of our time outdoors exploring. We ventured to ….

Pike Place Market


The Fremont Troll


Gas Works Park


Water Tower Observation Deck & Volunteer Park Conservatory


Starbucks Reserve [Ugh, I know, an Sbux?! I wasn’t going to mention this spot because everyone has been to a Starbucks. BUT … hold the phone … this place was amazing! Located in Capitol Hill, it was a full-out roastery experience and the perfect place to enjoy a cuppa joe in the AM before adventuring in the city.]


And that’s that. Seattle it’s been fun. Until next time!

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