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Beezy Breakfast Recipe: Eggs n' Swoodles

I'm sure you are very familiar with the concept of an egg in a basket. You know, you cut a hole in a piece of bread, butter both sides, place it in a hot pan, then crack an egg to cook in the center of the bread. Genius. But what about an egg in swoodles?! That's right, swoodles, people. 

swoodles (n.) !!! sweet potatoes sliced into thin strips as to resemble noodles. #nom

I can't take credit for inventing the egg in swoodles idea. It's actually been popping up on my Instagram feed quite a bit lately. Kudos to all you creative culinary cats out there  :) Beezy and I are envious of your talent! But, we also accept the challenge... can we get down with eggs n' swoodles?!