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Beezy Breakfast Recipe: Eggs n' Swoodles

I'm sure you are very familiar with the concept of an egg in a basket. You know, you cut a hole in a piece of bread, butter both sides, place it in a hot pan, then crack an egg to cook in the center of the bread. Genius. But what about an egg in swoodles?! That's right, swoodles, people. 

swoodles (n.) !!! sweet potatoes sliced into thin strips as to resemble noodles. #nom

I can't take credit for inventing the egg in swoodles idea. It's actually been popping up on my Instagram feed quite a bit lately. Kudos to all you creative culinary cats out there  :) Beezy and I are envious of your talent! But, we also accept the challenge... can we get down with eggs n' swoodles?!

Chicago Healthy Hot Spots: Graze

In celebration of summer quickly approaching [claps and snaps] and everyone boppin' around the city, I thought it might be fun to create a lil series which documents a handfull of healthy restaurants throughout Chicago. I'll share some of my faves and I'd love it if you sent me yours! Deal?? K. We can even venture out together for a healthy eats field trip. Don't mind Beezy, she's a diva with a bit of a 'tude, but I'll make sure she isn't rude :) 

Now, without a doubt, I'm a pretty basic bee. No denying it. And what does every basic b love?! SMOOTHIES. What happens when said smoothie is then  blended up, put in a bowl, and topped with granola goodness?! I lose my shiz. 

Building a Buddha Bowl

2017 is the year of the buddha bowl. Yeah buddy! They’re delicious and nutritious. [badda-bing, badda-boom]. Now what is a buddha bowl you may ask? Well, let’s chat about it! 

Essentially they are protein-packed, vegg-a-licious meals aesthetically assembled in ... bowls, duh. They’re extremely versatile. That’s the beauty of it. You really cannot go wrong, and it’s fun to experiment with different protein and roasted veggie combinations.  

Simple Squares Review: Brought to you by the Pup Pound!

Who let the dogs out? The Baha Men first posed this question back in 2000. SEVENTEEN years later [#woof] ... and we still don't have an answer.

But lucky for us, the dogs are out today. The Pup Pound, in fact. I am delighted to introduce Ginger the pug, Sam the sheepdog, and Rocket the boxer. We will be putting their sophisticated pup palettes to the test as they review 3 of my favorite Simple Squares nutrition bars

One Pan Perfection: Trader Joe's Smoked Sausage + Cinnamon Apples & Veggies

Let's all just take a moment to stop, pause, and praise the foodie trend that we all know and love: one pan meals. You take all of your prepped ingredients, throw them on ONE pan and roast. Sign me up. 

Per usual, I did my troll around TJs for some inspiration. Protein, yes, that's a good base. I decided to start there and build out my meal plan accordingly. 

Now, I eat chicken breast all the time. I'm practically clucking around town. So, I decided to shake things up with some sausage... chicken sausage... but nonetheless, different than my usual crockpot chicky.

Trader Joe's Pollo Asado & Turmeric Veggies

Lately Chicago has been blessed with some gorgeous, sunny weekends. This has  allowed for lots of quality bonding time between myself and my bike, White Lightning. Normally you can find us beebopping along the Lakeshore trail, jamming to JB, and probs wearing some snap specs. Go ahead, judge me. Or, better yet, "us"... White Lightning is to blame, really. She requests the playlists and always suggests Justin Bieber :) 

Anyways, yesterday was anything but sunny. In fact, it rained all day. ALL day. So what did I do? I traded in some quality time with White Lightning for some quality time with my crockpot. I first buzzed into TJs, found some goodies, and then got to crockpotting for some weekly meal prep. I'll cover the deets below by categorizing into either crockpot chicky or turmeric veggies. 

Recipe: 'nana nICE-cream

Summer is upon us. I scream, you scream, we all scream for nICE-cream! Yeah, buddy - get your 'naners and let's make some ice cream. 

Step One: Let the bananas ripen before peeling. If they’re green or yellow to start with, leave them out until the bananas at least begin to turn brown. Not-overripe bananas will have something of an earthy taste, as opposed to the more sweet, caramelized flavor they develop as they turn brown. 

Oo you've got that FLY feelin'

“It’s amazing how far you can go, riding a bike that goes nowhere.”

An instructor once said that during class. It has stuck with me because it's so true. While I’m not the kind of gal who gets super emotional over her workouts; I have been spinning consistently for almost two years now at Flywheel. And to be honest, for me to state that spinning has ignited some sort of emotional epiphany would be a lie, BUT there must be some sort of magic in that Fly stadium that has kept me coming back.

BEE-ast Mode: Orange Theory Fitness Review

I recently won a raffle at work. The prize: 3 free classes to Orange Theory Fitness. Right up my alley. I was so excited that when I got the email notification I screamed, "I won!". No joke. The prize pack included some bright orange swag - you know, the branded water bottle and sweat towel - and instructions to call the studio, set up an account, and start burnin'!

the buzz on brekki

It's the age old debate... to eat breakfast or not to eat breakfast? Ah, that IS the question...

My first thought: throw on my little researcher hat, geek-out over some pro-brekki stats, and drop some mambo-jambo into this post detailing all the benefits of being a breakfast enthusiast. But, on second thought, this is not a drab white-paper, it's a beezy-blog. We keep it light. We keep it fun. We keep it snazzy-jazzy. So, let me pose a simple question:

Do you want to be a champ today? 'nuff said. eat your brekki

B's Bae, Barry

It's about time that I introduce you to my 'boo', my 'better half', my 'main-squeeze', my 'bae': Barry, otherwise known as Barry's Bootcamp

Let me tell you a little bit about Barry. He finally made the move to the windy city in mid-December last year. While he's originally from L.A., he has also spent a good chunk of time in New York (amongst a few other cities).

Barry, Chicago welcomed you with open arms.

An Ode to Pumpkin

Brace yourselves. I'm a beta-carotene queen. Yep, I sometimes even have a lovely orange sheen.

So, Oompa loompa, doompadedoo. My sweet pumpkin, I wrote an ode to you.

Fresh Finds @ Trader Joe's

If you've been following Whollybeezus for some time, you are very familiar with my Trader Joe's obsession. They have such a great selection of unique and reasonability priced goodies that you couldn't otherwise find at local grocery stores. 

Their employees are also gems. One time, while checking out at the register, the employee asked me if I liked classical music. I was slightly thrown off. I paused. And then I answered: 'Hmmm, I'm not sure I do. I prefer dance pop. You know, Fifth Harmony-like stuff.' He didn't skip a beat. He just nodded his head. 'That's cool. Yeah, you do you, girl'. See, no judgement. Again, let me reiterate, their employees are GEMS! 

Can you BEE-lieve it? Beezus is blogging.

She’s buzzin’, she’s boppin', and now she’s bloggin’. Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Hello and welcome. I am beyond BEE-lighted that you’re here. My name is Bridget, BK, B … but, I am most honored when you call me “Whollybeezus” :)

I’m a Chicago advertising lady by trade. I have a knack for all things creative and, yes, slightly kooky. Day-in and day-out I work in the biz of storytelling. In fact, ‘they’ say the most successful are those who can captive an audience by creating an undeniably interesting tale. Interesting? Okay. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve. Grab a seat, cozy up, and listen in. Let’s begin… ‘Whollybeezus style’.