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Oo you've got that FLY feelin'

“It’s amazing how far you can go, riding a bike that goes nowhere.”

An instructor once said that during class. It has stuck with me because it's so true. While I’m not the kind of gal who gets super emotional over her workouts; I have been spinning consistently for almost two years now at Flywheel. And to be honest, for me to state that spinning has ignited some sort of emotional epiphany would be a lie, BUT there must be some sort of magic in that Fly stadium that has kept me coming back.

BEE-ast Mode: Orange Theory Fitness Review

I recently won a raffle at work. The prize: 3 free classes to Orange Theory Fitness. Right up my alley. I was so excited that when I got the email notification I screamed, "I won!". No joke. The prize pack included some bright orange swag - you know, the branded water bottle and sweat towel - and instructions to call the studio, set up an account, and start burnin'!

B's Bae, Barry

It's about time that I introduce you to my 'boo', my 'better half', my 'main-squeeze', my 'bae': Barry, otherwise known as Barry's Bootcamp

Let me tell you a little bit about Barry. He finally made the move to the windy city in mid-December last year. While he's originally from L.A., he has also spent a good chunk of time in New York (amongst a few other cities).

Barry, Chicago welcomed you with open arms.